Kendall Jenner looked incredible as she posed with two white horses while glad in a gold fairy costume for Halloween .

The 23-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star oozed confidence as she showed off her model poses in the lavish forest fairy ensemble.

She completed her look with huge glittery wings and an intricate gold head piece which complimented her flawlessly structured face.

Her stunning dress was made entirely from gold feathers, showing off her slender frame.

She looked like a literal angel in the gold ensemble (Image: Instagram)
Critics were furious at Kendall for posing on the horse (Image: Instagram)

Sharing the pH๏τo with her 117million followers, she wrote: “forest fairy and friends” as she posed next to the white horses.

But the reality star took her outfit to the next level as she posed on top of one of the ice white stallions.

As usual, her sisters were the first to gush over the snap.

Khloe Kardashian was first to comment, writing: “Like who are you”, followed by Kim Kardashian who penned: “Omg on the horse!!!! So beautiful!!”

She looked amazing in the gold Halloween outfit (Image: Instagram)
The model pulls a face in her outstanding ensemble (Image: Instagram)

Fans were going wild, sharing they that were “obsessed” by Kendall’s amazing choice of fancy dress.

But others were more concerned for the horse than what Kendall was wearing.

One snapped: “Stop using animals!!! So stupid”.

She matched her whole outfit to the horses (Image: Instagram)
Kendall has raised the bar with her Halloween props (Image: Instagram)

Another added: “Imagine caring about a holiday so much you spend $10k+ to have white horses for an instagram pH๏τo.”

While a third said: “Let me dig my bony knees into your spine”.